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4 good reasons to choose Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel industrial fittings

Given the variety of products used in fittings manufacture, finding the right industrial fitting can be challenging. Find out in this article, 4 tips to pick your right industrial fitting.

Consider the Environment

When purchasing an industrial fitting, consider the environment and its impact on the fitting’s performance. This means having a comprehensive overview of the surroundings (e.g., atmospheric and chemical conditions) in which industrial fittings are likely to be deployed.

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Check Performance of Industrial Fittings

Based on the operating conditions and performance demands, you should consider which industrial fittings would best suit your needs. This will help you find a product that meets your expectations. First, you need to determine the temperature and pressure within the system. Next, you must measure the leakage (the maximum allowable pressure drop in the system over a given period of time). This is expressed in liters per hour, enabling you to define the fitting with respect to the used technology and its performance level.

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Define the nature of the materials to be carried

The medium to be used is largely dependent on the fluids to be pumped and should be compatible with them. The fluids to be carried should not damage the coupling, and their composition must be determined to avoid any damage. Thus, the specific characteristics of the fluid are decisive. You must ensure that the material can be combined with the fittings components.

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Comply with specific norms and regulations

The choice of industrial valves must meet specific standards. Your company’s choice of products may be governed by national or global regulations. In fact, these standards are established to guarantee the safety of use and the resistance value, etc. To demonstrate the quality demanded by customers, the compliance with these norms is mandatory to obtain the certificates allowing you to carry out your activity.

In conclusion, a successful purchase of industrial valves relies on several criteria. For that, we advise you to call on the services of a professional supplier who can deliver the adequate industrial valves for your needs.