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Instrumentation fittings

HP COMPOSANTS offers a range of instrumentation tubing fittings for process-control applications. They are used in the oil, gas, transport, food, nuclear energy, micro-electronics, solar energy, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

The multiple geometric shapes of the instrumentation connections make it possible to overcome space constraints.

Enjoy the benefits of instrumentation fittings

Instrumentation fittings consist of built-in features allowing for safety shut-offs, fluid filtration, and flow or pressure regulation.

These connections include:

  • Unions

  • Cross unions

  • Bulkhead unions
  • Tee unions

  • Male connectors

  • Female connectors

  • Elbow unions

  • Reducers

Hp Composant Raccords Dans La Manche Instrumentation 2

HP COMPOSANTS, distributor of instrumentation fittings.